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BBQ Pepper Meatballs

Photo cred: Mary Margaret Smith

BBQ Pepper Meatballs

So easy and STILL so good for parties or tailgating... The meatball. I've got a few recipes I like for them but this is the easiest and you gotta love easy.

BBQ Pepper Meatballs

1 Jar Jk Peach Pepper Jelly*

12oz Sweet BBQ sauce

Big Bag of meatballs. Don't you like that exact recipe? Seriously I buy the big bag at Sam's club! Depending on how big your crock pot is you can fill it up and just be sure to coat them all with sauce.

Mix jelly and BBQ sauce and place in crock pot with meatballs for 3 hours on high and you can snack away! *Any JK jelly will work in this recipe, I just like the peach in particular, each flavor changes the taste just a little. All are good!

Look how scrumptious! Video of how to also on our blog!

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