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2017 Holiday Foodie Gift Guide

Jennifer's Kitchen Foodie Gift Guide 2017

With Christmas shopping at a "hurry up time is a ticking" level in my house, I thought a quick list of some of my favorites for the season might help others find new fun things for their favorite friend, mom, and especially foodie! These items are things I love, they may lean toward the foodie but I think everyone has that person in their life somewhere! Many items are by social media friends whom I have gotten to know in the last few years and some small businesses that offer something maybe you haven't seen everywhere! Links are just a click away to shop! Annnd, just fyi I was not paid to choose these, gifted or any of that by these companies for these items...I just like them! Prices listed are as of online sales on 12/4/17. All pics are by either Jennifer's Kitchen, shop owners, amazon or brand artisan. Amazon affiliated links net a small proceed to this website and in no way influence selection. I hope you find something you love! Happy Shopping!


Jade Pedestal Stand $19-$29

Be-still my heart this is just plain adorable! I love green so get ready to see more! These jade colored cake stands/pedestals are perfection at a great price! I love how Brandi Milloy styled these for World Market. Imagine me rummaging about my Christmas corner making this right about now... Click pic to shop for the pedestals. Of course World Market has all the toppings shown here too...but your family will be equally happy (if not more) to find cakes, cookies and pies atop! Can we ever have enough pedestals around the holidays?

Jade Pedestals

Monogrammed Tea Towels $30

Let's face it, linens wear out and these tea towels with their bold patterns and contrast monogram are a great way to freshen up the kitchen with a little POP! There are lots of color tea towels to choose from if Holiday colors aren't just right! These are $30 offered by Laurie of @LBOriginals on IG & @preppypapergirl on Etsy. Click image to Laurie's etsy shop based in Atlanta, Georgia. Link pops directly to the providence pattern, just click her shop header to find other styles like the pagoda style also pictured.

Preppy Paper Girl Buffalo Check Monogram Linens

Foodie Dice $34.99

I found this next gem on Etsy and someone tell my family I NEED THIS! Foodie Dice can make "what's for dinner" interesting! So basically it's these laser printed wooden dice with foods and techniques and you ROLL the dice to help inspire dinner! I just think this is fun and can totally see my kids getting in on this action. Then as a bonus it comes in this cute little jar which can hang out in your kitchen! $34.99 on etsy, click pic to shop from Two Tumbleweeds in Santa Rosa, California. Free domestic shipping over $29! Score!

Foodie Dice on Etsy

Assorted Colors Colander $20

I have so many kind comments on IG about this colander that I had to hunt one down! This comes in 3 different sizes and various colors. I will link to the one most like this one which is on the medium side - around 3 quarts. It's actually a great in between size for those who already have a colander and want something special! Plus super cute in pics of course! Fill this up with your special someone's favorite foods - cello wrap and a bow and boom! Great gift! Clickable link is below pic!

Colored Colanders


Coffee Canisters $26-$29

I own not one but TWO of these, one for dark roast and the other for medium roast. While mine are more subdued colors (black and stainless) these two POPS of color made me smile! The turquoise is $29 while candy apple (red), brushed steel (silver), Mocha ( bronze) and Obsidian (black) range from $26-$28. Why are the colors different prices? I couldn't even tell you but they are great canisters! They have a handled gasket that slides down to remove the air from over the coffee beans thus keeping them fresher longer. I recommend the larger 64 oz size that holds a typical bag of coffee. Two links below pics, the one for red says brushed steel and it has the 4 color options besides turquoise, all are on Amazon.


Black Truffle Salt $22

Edible gifts have their place of course and this item is one of those luxury treats we rarely will splurge on for ourselves. I received a tiny bottle of Truffle Salt years ago and I STILL HAVE IT... I love sprinkling it on fresh made french fries so very much but I use it sparingly to make it this price I would use it a bit more!! Saltworks has this 3.5 ounce jar for $22.12 plus Free Shipping! (this list may be turning into a wish list for me too...) If truffle isn't for you, they have other flavors also! Their Snowflake Salt is packaged for holiday giving. Click pic to shop!

Truffle Salt


Salt Cellars $52

Now that you have found some delectable salt maybe something to keep it in is in order? I really enjoy salt at my fingertips. There's just something that connects you to the food when you get your fingers into it. (clean fingers of course...) These hand made pottery salt cellars are just so pretty and come in an assortment of colors but there is limited availability on each, so hurry on this find! The pic click takes you to Massahchusettes based, Lucy Fagella's etsy shop where she has these in several colors as well as some other handsome kitchen tools. Combine a salt cellar with the salt of choice and what a clever gift!

Salt Cellar

Cookbooks $17 - 19

Cookbooks are sorta an addiction for me and therefore I have TWO on the list that I personally bought for myself this year! The first is a book by @dennistheprescott on Instagram who constantly makes me hungry with his food pictures. The second book author is also on Instagram and has a great blog as well; the adorable Courtney Whitmore out of Nashville, Tennessee aka @pizzazzerie who has impeccable taste and makes entertaining gorgeous! Both books are eye candy depending on what candy you're in the mood for! Click amazon links under book pics to shop. Dennis's book is on sale right now at time of publishing for $17.33!

I mean come on...this spread by Dennis makes you hungry doesn't it?? We just need to add a bowl of Jennifer's Kitchen Holiday Pepper Jelly to make it PERFECT! (not so subtle plug continues...) Cranberries and pecans spiced up for Christmas are just a so right! Not to mention the recipe for pepper jelly cheesecake which is our most popular on the website! Annnd I just so happen to sell it direct or on amazon. Click pic switch to our shop page when you finish perusing all these fun finds!

The second cookbook as promised with pink perfection and more here is Pizzazzerie's book! Clickable amazon link below pic. It's also on sale for $18.79!


Wooden Spreaders, Set of 6 $16

You will need some spreaders to go with all that pepper jelly and cream cheese you will be munching on so I found these handsome wooden spreaders on etsy by Mississippi Spoon. I have quite a few spreaders like this and $18 for six spreaders is a good deal! Gotta love a set! Plus free shipping in the USA! $16.00 for a set of six. Wrap these in that cute dishtowel you ordered (of course you did!) and tie with a big bow and you've got yourself a fun gift! Click pic to shop away!


Nutcracker Ornament $40

Texas queen @TotallyTikaa on Instagram is probably the most fun decorator I follow. As a bonus, she's a Lenox artist with a line of festive dishes and NOW, (first Christmas ever - so you KNOW mom doesn't have it!) Tikaa has new Lenox nutcracker ornaments, which are is on sale right now with free shipping for $39.99! I love it as a package topper and of course on your tree. Foodish ornaments like nutcrackers and gingerbread men are just fantastic on Kitchen Christmas trees don't cha think? She has three nutcracker designs and some pretty bows too, with Prince Mayzn featured here being my personal fav! Click pic to shop and find your favorite!

Prince Mayzn Nutcracker Ornament on Lenox by Totally Tikaa

Cutting Boards beginning at $98

Anyone who's followed me on IG for a while knows I have a thing for wooden cutting boards. A big thing. I have too many. Probably, maybe, better not ask my husband that questions...k? I have so many custom boards that I love, so I thought I would share my most recent board acquisition. Made by Jason Stedwell of @studioscaile on IG, who's based out of Auburn, Alabama. My hubs, indulging my addiction, picked up this one for me at a show where he met Jason. (Yay for me!) You can click the pic to find one in your price point and I know you will love it! These custom butcher blocks start at around $100. They have different sizes and styles to choose from on the website. Remember, a custom block is a one of a kind and truly art. They will last a lifetime with proper care. Don't forget the board butter (around $9) to help make this happen.


18 Year Aged Balsamic Vinegar $18

I found this Balsamic years ago while working one of my Christmas shows selling pepper jelly. Every year I would buy a bottle and cherish it until the next year. By this time last year I had worked up to 4's THAT good! Hands down my go to Balsamic because it's consistency is unlike any other I've been able to find! (and I look and taste and try...) Many times a recipe will call for 'reduced' balsamic vinegar as most of them on the market are thin with a watery consistency like any vinegar. This aged version has magically done the reducing for you! It's thick and syrupy in the best way! Amazing drizzled over anything! Among other things, I mix it with maple syrup and pour over crispy cheddar waffles.. TO DIE FOR! Click pic to shop and help support this small maker!


Pistachio Bowl $11-$17

We always have a bowl of nuts handy during any tv event. This snappy little bowl helps solve the "where do I put my shells?" dilemma and keep things sightly in the process. It just happens to be fav! Clickable link below pic. Flash sale on Amazon at time of post, price may vary when shopping. ($11.95 - 16.95)


Olive wood handled cheese knives set $60

Cheese knives can be a kitchen spurge when you have a drawer full but they really make all the difference in function and aesthetics. I love a good cheese board and after receiving my first set of olive wood handles last year I knew these needed to be on the list! These are from William Sonoma and while there are many out there, I own these and they feel amazing in your hand and have held up well. Aren't they just handsome? Click pic to shop, $59.95 a set.

Olive wood cheese knives


Espresso Cup Set of 6 $69

My love of coffee is such a thing, there can never be too many cups or tools, oy my poor countertops! These cute little stoneware espresso cups by Le Creuset help brighten your day and everyone can pick their own color! (Dibs on green!) This set is on Amazon with free shipping! Don't like espresso? Opt for the full size cups instead, sold in singles by color typically, throw in a bag of your favorite coffee to round out the gift! Hyperlink under pic to shop.

Le Creuset 6 Piece Set Espresso Cups $69


Teak Bowl Candle $36

Ok a candle on a foodie shopping list? Yep. Look at that FANTASTIC bowl it's in!! It's a two for one deal! You burn the lovely minty - chamomile candle then when finished you have this beautiful hand carved teak bowl! This Anthropologie Candle has a 100 hour burn time and is made of a beeswax and palm blend. About 5.5" x 4.5" in size.


Rosemary Christmas Tree $49

Fresh herbs really are the best! This cute, little Christmas tree of rosemary is so adorable and will makes your kitchen smell fantastic during the holidays! After Christmas you get the added gift of fresh rosemary at your fingertips! Depending on your location you can even plant it outside after the holiday to enjoy for years to come! A great gift to send to a loved one far away! Clickable pic to Jackson and Perkins sight with Free Shipping!

Rosemary Tree


Gift tags $18-$22

Now that you've found the perfect gifts, you will need perfect tags! Laurie of @preppypapergirl has these for you too! Remember the dish towel? ADORBS! Pic click takes you to the shop page so you can find the one that's right for you!

Preppy Paper Girl Cards


Hope you enjoyed the list! I certainly had fun finding all these goodies! Be sure to grab your Holiday Pepper Jelly now (total over the top plugging now...but two college bills to pay in 2018 so can you blame me? :)) 2 packs on amazon are just a click away! (below pic) Our shop page has more options. A note: Direct shipping has less expensive cost per jar, but charges shipping. Amazon cost per jar is higher but shipping is free with Prime. So it's a trade off! Thank you for supporting small business!

Click Holiday Jingle Bells to go to our SHOP Page. xo Jen

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