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Pepper Jelly "Caviar"

Caviar just sounds so fancy doesn't it? The reality is most people don't like it or won't try it to find out! This "caviar" is a play on the word as everything is chopped up fine so that it resembles caviar. See what I mean? ( Well sorta )

Did I mention this little dip is addictive? Cause - yes. Hubs came home and ate it ALL up in a flash and then asked what it was. ha! We do all love a dip and he loves a shoot day - lots of snackage!

The recipe is very simple as you know how I just navigate to the simple. 5 ingredients is a happy spot in simplicity cooking to me.

The ingredients are all easy to find items::


  • CHEDDAR CHEESE ( I like sharp cheddar - but any will do and you can always try a different type of cheese you love!)


  • MAYONNAISE (you could also sub yogurt, sour cream)

  • PEPPER JELLY (Jennifer's Kitchen of course!)

After taking this picture of the ingredients I realized my teaspoon has seen better days...and MAYYYYBE got dropped down the disposal as some point in time. We can call it well used. Maybe I should add a new set to the Christmas list. The above pic shows the quantities to make a snack portion. You know those days when you want a treat but not left overs? The snack size is perfect for 1 or 2 depending of course! I thought breaking it down into different categories; snack, family and party just made sense. I always love (you should hear some extreme southern sarcasm here) doing math when all I want to do is get cooking! I'm inserting the recipe card here for ya as you can see its pretty simple!

Recipe Card - Pepper Jelly Caviar
Pepper Jelly Caviar Recipe Card

So really that is it! Short sweet blog post for this little recipe today as I have packages to get out! Feel free to hand chop, or pulse nuts to a fine chop - OR buy them that way! We always end up with extra pecans at Christmas from gifters and this is a great use for them! After you weary of pecan pie of course! Try using kitchen shears for your green onions. Life saver. Chill time is really up to you. The longer it chills the more the flavors come together ( think 1-2 hours ideal). Any of Jennifer's Kitchen pepper jellies work in this recipe. Each one tweaks it just slightly to make it tasty!

As always thank you for supporting Jennifer's Kitchen!


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