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Let it Brie...

Let's Brie!

Brie is that Oh so chic holiday appetizer and so I have gathered a few of my favorites here to help you plan for your next gathering! Of course our pepper jellies are a must have for all brie situations so be sure to check out the shop page to grab yours before the rush sets in!

Up first, we have the basics of Brie which is just bake and top with your favorite condiment. Shockingly, I recommend a pepper jelly or our cranberry conserve. I know...I know... you're floored.

Some folks like to slice the top of the brie rind off, but this is totally optional. The brie's rind is completely edible and a big part of Brie's flavor so dig in!

To grab the how-to for the cranberry conserve - pop back to the blog search bar and enter cranberry conserve. There's a post on the blog with all the play by plays from my insta-story that needed a home. Seriously it's one of my most requested recipes! The cranberry conserve was what began my forage into canning also. SO it's pretty special!

Recipe for baking Brie
JK's Brie


Second on my list really is - Brie Happy - as in your mouth will THANK YOU! This one is just all the best flavors combined to just wow your guests! There's a full blog post on this recipe - just click the recipe card below to take you there!

Baked brie with pepper jelly and onions
Baked Brie with Pepper Jelly & Sautéed Onions


There are several ways to "fancy" up brie even more. This melty goodness was done by Emma at Just A Darling Life for us. Just click the pic to pop over for the super simple how to! I mean how good does that cheesy goodness look??? {Pic by Emma of Just a Darling Life}


This next brie-riffic treat is by Bernie at A Gouda Life and completely embodies all that is Fall in one scrumptious bite! You've got easy to use wonton cups, apple, BACON, brie of course, and our Holiday pepper jelly that has cranberries and pecans in it. I mean come on Thankgiving dinner in one bite - Am I Right?? Click the pic to head over to Bernie's blog for the how to!

{Pic by Bernie of A Gouda Life}


Still want more Brie inspo? Head over to Jennifer's Kitchen Pinterest page and check out the CHEESE board FULL of BRIE-Tastic recipes...ok I'm done modifying Brie words now. :) Just click the pic and off you go!

Hope you have enjoyed this quick Brie round up. Don't forget to check out our shop page and grab some of our pepper jelly to make your entertaining a bit easier! Holiday Pepper Jelly with cranberries and pecan is a sure fire this time of year!

Happy entertaining y'all!

~ Jennifer


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