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Naan Pizzas

BBQ Chicken Naan Pizza

Naan Pizza

Naan Pizzas have become my family's favorite weekend fun food lately! Now I know we aren't re-inventing the wheel here, but it was new to me so why not share? These are the epitome of no stress cooking which is a must when you're trying to have some fun! What we like to do sometimes is use what we have in the fridge, 'clean out the fridge day' at my house, and yet make it taste fresh by re-purposing into a pizza! Here we have a couple of versions, our BBQ and Meatball pizzas that I will walk you through. You need some new to add in, or you can always start with all new ingredients too of course, its easy either way!

So first off grab some Naan bread which looks like this before we get going with all the good stuff. I found mine in a bulk pack at Sam's Club but they are also sold in the bread aisle at your grocer.

You have some options here, you can brush the naan with olive oil and pre-toast for crispier crust or you can skip this step. (350 degrees for about 5 minutes max - just til it's getting a tad toasty to your liking) Also you can do this in your toaster oven if you have one - so handy and fast!

In the meanwhile, let's chop up some rotisserie chicken or leftover chicken/turkey, depending on which route you are going! Onions are optional but I think add so much flavor here. I used sliced red onions and sauteed them in a non-stick skillet, no oil necessary, a few minutes just to caramelize a bit. If you prefer a crunch and strong onion flavor, skip the saute.

Now grab your favorite BBQ sauce and pour a liberal amount to mix with the chicken. This is your pizza sauce base. I mix it so that all the chicken really gets good and BBQ'd! This step helps especially when you are using leftovers. Next just spread the BBQ filling across your naan crust, top with onions and mozzarella cheese. You may notice I'm not giving you exact amounts, as this recipe is so easy you just don't need them. Have fun playing with your food.

It's time to bake! Depending on oven or toaster oven, baking time can vary a bit. Budget about 10-15 minutes at 350 to allow the cheese to melt but keep an eye on it, I hate to waste good food! Now garnishes are sooooo important to me to add that extra zip of freshness I LOVE! Sprinkle fresh Italian parsley (flat leaf not that curly stuff) if you have some and if not might I recommend planting one? Mine lives year round in Alabama and it's my go to! Annnnnnd my ever present slices of avocado - my happy food. (puffy green hearts all around :)) YUMM! Easy and tasty! This naan served two adults dinner or 4 adults as an appetizer. A "hungryman" could eat a whole naan depending on toppings and appetite, so servings will really depend on your crowd.

Meatball Marina Naan Pizza!

Same steps as above, except we used leftover meatballs and sauce, any sauce will do. Cut the meatballs in half so they don't roll off. Teenagers devour these whole. Seriously. Make a bunch.

Lastly of course you can always pull out traditional pizza toppings or just have fun with whatever you have around the kitchen. We love improvising - and kids come up with the best ideas sometimes! Got topping suggestions? Let me hear them! Happy Naan Pizza making!

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