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Pepper Jelly Candied Bacon

Candied Bacon?? Um yeah - it's a thing. Essentially you slow cook bacon in the oven on an oven safe cooling rack over a sheet pan covered in foil to catch the grease and to help with easy clean up (Yay easy clean up!)

*Photo courtesy of Susan Reedy - Mustard / Pepper Jelly Version

There are two ways I've tried this. One version was to brush melted Jennifer's Kitchen Pepper Jelly, Hot Confetti directly on the bacon and bake for 20 minutes at 400, flip bacon and repeat. (Microwave the jelly a few seconds until loosened and brushable prior) The second method was sent to me by @susanreedy29 on IG who mixed a little country mustard with her Jennifer's Kitchen Pepper Jelly, Hot Confetti and then sprinkled cracked black pepper on top. One clever thing I also noticed was her edges were all trimmed and mine were edges got a little brown (read almost burnt) so make that choice. I like crunchy bits but if you don't then get those kitchen sheers out and trim the edges. Susan used 1/2 jar jelly & 2-3 Tablespoons of mustard mixed to coat a sheet pan of bacon. (Half mixture on each side.) For me this isn't one of those "exact" recipes as you can tell. I think as long as you brush on a little sweet and a little heat, watch that bacon so that it doesn't burn, flip and repeat you're good to go!

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