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   Here you will find some of Jennifer's Kitchen recipe cards helping answer, "What else can we do with pepper jelly?". Just click to expand the card, or search the blog to learn more about your favorite. For more recipe ideas check out our Instagram, where we post even more no-stress recipes, tips, food finds and hows-to's weekly!

JK's Pepper Jelly 'Caviar' Dip
JK's Pepper Jelly Basics
JK's Baked Brie with Onions
JK's Mini Chicken & Waffles
JK's Confetti Gratin
JK's PMT's
JK's Pepper Jelly Cheesecake
JK's Rosemary Pepper Cheese
JK's Hot Pepper Jelly Wings
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JK's Hot Pepper Jelly Wings

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